Corporate insurance

Corporate Insurance

Imana offers a range of insurance products and services to help multinational corporations manage costs and care for their employees worldwide. Their Health & Wellness team can analyze employee health data and create customized programs to address cost drivers. Group Life Insurance is a type of life insurance that covers an entire group of people, such as employees or members of an organization, paying a lump sum in case of a member’s death. SME Insurance Products provide small and medium-sized enterprises with insurance coverage to protect against liability and property perils.

Imana offers Corporate and SME insurance for motor vehicles, including comprehensive and third-party only options with discounted rates for vehicle fleets starting from 3 vehicles. Marine insurance covers cargo and vessels, as well as other incidental losses/liabilities during international transportation, and is required for imported goods by the Kenyan government. Construction insurance is essential for property owners, developers, and contractors during construction projects, and certain types of policies are mandatory. It is important for construction firms and professionals to provide evidence of their coverage for a better image

When those policies would apply.

Construction insurance includes various types of policies that protect contractors and construction companies against potential losses, damages, or liabilities during a construction project. Some common types of policies are professional liability, commercial general liability, and worker’s compensation insurance. These policies can apply to different scenarios, such as accidents at the job site, property damage, or errors in the construction process. Additionally, contractors may need to obtain certain bonds, such as bid bonds, performance bonds, or payment bonds, to secure their contracts and ensure project completion.