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The founder of Imana Insurance Agency Kenya Ltd has over 10 years of corporate experience, having worked in various organizations and capacities locally and regionally. Recognizing the need to mitigate risks for individuals and companies, he established Imana Insurance Agency Kenya Ltd, which is known for its excellent work ethics and professionalism.
The agency offers comprehensive insurance coverage for homes, automobiles, businesses, and other needs, with insurance professionals available to guide customers through their options and select the best solution. Imana Insurance aims to become a household name in Kenya and East Africa by providing dependable and world-class services


The Company Timeline

1 November 2020
Unitas Launch

Introduction and Establishment of Unitas Insurance AK Ltd

5th November 2020

Registered as Insurance Agency in Kenya

20 November 2020

Licensed by IRA as an Insurance Agency

1 December 2020

Planned for the future growth and development of the company.Drawing of 2021-2026 growth plan. Planned to expand and grow the business.

1 April 2021
Start Of Business

Celebration of 300th client

1 July 2021

Rebranding and repositioning the company. Rebranding idea was born

5 August 2021

Change of business name to IMANA

15 August 2021

Rebranded to Imana Insurance Agency Kenya Ltd


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