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Micro insurance refers to insurance services targeting principally low-income earners, who are excluded from mainstream commercial and social insurance schemes, due to affordability barriers. Generally, micro insurers provide a limited set of benefits to members at low premiums, making them affordable to low-income household. MiCover by Unitas is a provider-driven micro health insurance scheme targeting both individuals and corporate organizations. Anyone between ages 18 and 70 is eligible to join.


Overall Annual CoverKsh. 650,000 shared per family
Chronic and psychiatric conditionsKsh. 200,000 capped at per family
Congenital/prematurity Conditions (baby born before 37 weeks gestation)Ksh. 100,000
Dental and Ophthalmology illnessKsh. 100,000 Combined Dental with Ophthalmology within IP
MaternityKsh.100,000 within IP
Internal prosthesisWithin IP
Rehabilitation including home nursing, wheelchair, external prosthesis and crutchesKsh 100,000 within IP


Overall Annual CoverKsh. 75,000
Chronic dialysisUnlimited session within OP
PhysiotherapyUnlimited sessions within OP
Basic DentalKsh 10,000 per family per annum within OP limit
Basic OpticalKsh 10,000 per family per annum within OP limit
Frames and LensesKsh.7,000 sublimit within basic optical of ksh 10,000

Application Procedure

Fill data collection form - excel
Provide copies of ID cards for adults
Provide copies of birth certificates for children
Provide passport size photo for each member - both adults and children
Pay premium via Mpesa Paybill 7596117, use main member ID/Passport Number as account number
Submit your application
Imana team will confirm cover and effective date
Members to receive E-cards via email within 7 days