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Health Insurance

Junior Plans

As a parent or guardian, you can opt to plan for a minor’s comprehensive medical cover when it really counts. This can provide coverage for children between 0 and 21 years old. It includes both inpatient and outpatient options and you access medical services from a number of appointed hospitals and clinics.

Family Plans

A single serious illness could use up any savings you may have set aside for your retirement, your children’s education or for that dream home. Health insurance makes seeing the doctor or getting specialist treatment in Kenya and overseas a lot more affordable.
Our experts will help you choose the right medical cover for you and your loved ones and get specialist advice from our experienced health insurance experts. They can answer any questions and advise you on exclusions, deductibles, medical providers, waiting periods and guide you to find the best cover for your needs.
Medical plans can be drawn on shared family limits or per person.


This is the lowest level of health insurance targeting the mass market.
With premiums ranging from KSh150 to KSh1700 per month, micro insurance is competitive enough to rival private plans. Furthermore, with a maximum annual premium, including family privileges, of KSh20,400, the plan is substantially cheaper than those offered by major private insurers, in which a minimum annual premium for a family plan can cost upwards of KSh75,000.
We look at drawing appropriate plans in the interest of these special groups in society.

Senior Health Plans

  • Most adult and family health insurance plans cover the public for the majority of our lives but don’t cover us at the time when we need them the most. Old age is the time when we are most vulnerable and our health is failing us. Senior citizens are most susceptible to diseases, disorders and chronic pains. Worse still, due to old age, it takes much longer to recover and recuperate from such medical issues. Healthy living habits can pay off into old age but still don’t guarantee a clean bill of health. One severe case of illness can ruin one’s entire savings and retirement benefits leaving them facing a bleak and uncertain future.

  • Senior citizens medical insurance plans make it affordable for our dear parents to see get the medical treatment they very often require. These plans have a flexible joining age and once enrolled, one is enrolled for lifetime. The plans provide for both in-patient and outpatient medical expenses including common chronic and critical existing illnesses. In addition, there are several private medical schemes that one can be enrolled on which are many times a cost effective yet sound alternatives. Special schemes also exist that help to manage the health of the elderly in particular those with already identified chronic diseases like tuberculosis, cancer and more.

  • Many people also take a critical illness cover to protect against such risks which can be life changing and not in a good way. Many Kenyans also opt for the National Health Insurance (NHIF) cover, which is the most pocket friendly option available. However, this has some limitations on the panel of medical providers and can at times be cumbersome in the administration and claims process. Therefore, it is strongly advised to find a good health cover plan for our senior citizens (parents and elders) to find a good, cost effective but comprehensive cover for their health.
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