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WIBA Insurance

Imana offers a Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) policy to protect employees in Kenya if they become disabled, injured, or die while on the job. This coverage is mandatory for all employees and can cover permanent and temporary workers, as well as casual employees. Compensation under WIBA can cover death, permanent and temporary disability, medical expenses, and funeral costs. To extend coverage to 24 hours worldwide, employers can opt for WIBA Plus, which provides group personal accident cover.

To file a claim under WIBA, employees need to provide several documents, including the Dosh 1 forms from the Ministry of Labour offices, original medical bills, a medical report signed by a doctor, sick off sheets from the employer, an appointment letter from the employer, and a report from the insured’s health and safety committee.

of Work

Imana believes that employees are an organization’s most valuable asset and aims to provide financial compensation to cover for any accidents that occur while they are on the job. By offering a WIBA policy, employers can demonstrate that they value their employees’ safety and well-being.

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