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Our frequently asked questions

Agents simplify the search process for finding the right insurance cover. They’ll walk you through handpicked policy options and explain everything in a language you can understand. Agents have all the time and expertise to handle the confusing stuff. You tell us what you’re looking for, and our technology will do the rest.
Put simply, this a life insurance policy that doubles as an investment or a savings account. It pays a lump sum after a specified number of years or upon death. Each month you put a set amount of money into an account, and a specific portion of that money is used to buy life insurance. The rest is put into an investment fund.
You never know when you will die, and while the odds might be slim in the immediate future, having life insurance is always a smart idea. There are a variety of life insurance options, and endowment insurance is just one of many. Our team has all these figured out.
With Imana in the picture, all insurance claims are paid within 7 days of receipt of required documentation.
Third party only policy, covers third party bodily injuries and third party property damage; while comprehensive cover extends to cover theft and accidental damage on the insured motor vehicle.
Business income provides reimbursement for lost revenue after a covered insurance loss. For a company that does not have a physical address that is crucial to its business, such as a contractor, business income is probably not necessary. For store front or main street businesses, like a coffee shop, business income is a must.
Yes. You as the employer may choose how much of the cost you would like to share with your employees. This gives you tremendous flexibility to tailor a benefit package for your company at a price you will feel comfortable with.

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