Common car insurance myths

Common car insurance myths

Myths abound when it comes to car insurance. People know that red cars are more expensive to insure just as they know that if you have insurance, you’re covered for everything. Turns out, both of these common car insurance myths are false!
While some myths are harmless, others can affect people’s behaviour and result in misunderstandings about insurance. Let’s clear up some of those myths, shall we?
Here are common car insurance myths

  • A red car is more expensive to insure.

Nope, a red car is not more expensive to insure. The colour of your car has absolutely nothing to do with your insurance premiums. If your insurer asks about the colour of your car, it’s not because they plan on slapping you with a surcharge for having a red car. It’s simply for identification purposes.

  • In order to get what you deserve; you need to inflate your car insurance claim.

Not only is this myth false, but it can also get you into trouble. Inflating your claim is misrepresentation and insurance fraud. If you’re caught, not only will you have to pay what you obtained fraudulently, your insurer has every right to sue.
Rather than inflate your claim, work with your broker beforehand to ensure you have the right coverage. It’s also important that you understand your protection and the claims process, which your agent can help you with.

  • If you have car insurance, you’re covered for everything

What you’re covered for depends on your individual policy and which coverages you chose. You are never covered for everything. There are always exclusions and limits on your car insurance. For example, if you just have third party insurance liability coverage, you won’t be covered if someone damages your vehicle when it’s parked in a hit-and-run. You would need comprehensive coverage to cover that damage. We have addons to a comprehensive car insurance policy e.g., Excess Protector, Political Violence and Terrorism, courtesy car etc.
Work with your agent to get a car insurance policy that meets your needs and budget. They can also explain how coverage works and why even the most comprehensive policy won’t cover everything under the sun.

  • New cars are most attractive to thieves

That seems logical, doesn’t it? But thieves aren’t attracted by the newest cars  they want vehicles that are easy to break into or have valuables on display that make it worth the effort. Thieves are also attracted to vehicle that are on demand because they’re ease to dispose.

  • If someone else is driving your car and they get into an accident, their insurance covers it.

No, your insurance covers accidents when your car is involved, regardless of who is driving. Your car insurance is attached to your vehicle. That means if someone else is driving your car and they get into an accident, your insurance will foot the bill.
Make sure you trust the person you’re lending the car to and that you’re prepared to deal with the consequences of an accident.

  • Personal belongings are covered in your car.

Personal belongings are covered by your personal property/domestic package insurance policy not your car insurance. If you have personal property that is stolen, damaged or destroyed while in your vehicle, you’d need to file a claim under your property/all risk insurance.
For example, if you have golf clubs in your trunk and they’re stolen when your vehicle is broken into, these would not be covered by your car insurance.
If you have comprehensive coverage with extension to cover other valuables on your car insurance, items that are attached to your vehicle will be covered. For example, your vehicle’s sound system, spare tires, and new seat covers would be covered – as long as you informed your insurance company of any upgrades.

  • Your car insurance covers you even if you use it for business.

This is not true. If you use your vehicle for any business use other than commuting, you need a commercial insurance vehicle policy. Otherwise, you will likely not be covered. This includes transporting people for money, transporting employees, driving to work sites, installing work-related equipment on your vehicle, transporting work-related equipment or goods, or making deliveries. This includes driving for Uber, Bolt, Little Cab and other ride-sharing or delivery companies!

  • Accidents stay on your record forever keeping your insurance premiums high

This is another false myth. Most accidents records stay for 2 or 3 years, depending on your insurance company in kenya. It does depend on the severity of the ticket as well. Blamed accidents are counted against you but if you’re not to blame, the accident shouldn’t affect your rates.
Some countries have laws in place that determine how long accidents stay on your record and affect your insurance premiums.

  • Insurance companies can change my policy whenever.

Insurance companies are obliged to inform you in advance of any changes. Traditionally, this is done via registered mail or post although these days they may communicate via text or email as well. Your agent will also try to contact you by phone, email, or letter to inform you of any changes.
That’s why it’s important that your insurance company and agent always have up to date contact information.

  • My private comprehensive insurance covers me for rental cars

Rental cars are not covered by private insurance policy unless you have a specific endorsement on your car insurance policy. Car Hire or Rentals are covered under motor commercial public service policy arrangements with addons on passenger legal liability.
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