6 Reasons you should read your policy documents


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As reading materials go, insurance policies will probably never make it onto the top of the reading list for most of us. Apart from being long, the language of policies makes them sound jargon to all but lawyers and people working in the insurance industry. Imana Insurance https://imana.co.ke/ will help you. But while a policy document may not be fascinating reading it is important. It is essential that you read and most importantly understand what your policy says because it has important implications for whether or not the insurance you bought does what you expect it to do for you.

With that in mind here are six good reasons to read your policy documents:

1. Your policy contains important dates.

Insurance policies can be time sensitive. Often, they contain dates by which something must be done.  For instance, there is a section that mentions the time-frame within which you have to file a claim after an accident. This ensures a timely and efficient claims process. If you don’t read your policy and are not even aware of such a timeline the chances of your claim being rejected or declined are quite high. This is why you need an insurance agent like Imana https://imana.co.ke/, we assist you break down the insurance language.

2. Underneath all that jargon is important stuff.

With all the legal language and insurance jargon, policy documents can be quite confusing. But that’s no reason to toss yours aside or discount it as unimportant. The jargon is there for a reason and these words are important when it comes to your coverage. In fact, the very factor that determines whether or not you will receive a payout could be the presence or absence of certain words or phrases.
To make things easier first go through the ‘Definitions’ section which explain all the terms used. Referring to this section when reading the policy document will help you make sense of what you’re reading. You can also check out Imana insurance articles https://imana.co.ke/ for regular updates. Some of the jargon might still seem incomprehensible. This is why you have an insurance agent https://imana.co.ke/.  Make sure you talk to your agent to explain things to you.

3. Your policy tells you what you’re covered for.

Reading and understanding your policy will let you know what you’re covered for.  On this point pay particular attention to the “Exclusions” clauses. Exclusions are those instances/events and/or items for which the insurance company does not provide coverage.  In other words, these clauses tell you about the limits of your coverage and what you cannot make a claim for.

4. Your policy contains your policy limits.

One of the most important aspects of your policy documents is your policy limits. We go into a more in-depth explanation of them here https://imana.co.ke/ but in short, they are the maximum amount of money you will be paid in the event of a claim. There are often numerous limits applied to different parts of your policy like a limit on additional living expenses content replacement and liability. You’ll also have to pay your excess amount first in case of motor comprehensive insurance policy where you are not covered for excess protector or political violence and terrorism. This is another thing discussed in your policy documents.

5. Your policy sets out important conditions.

This is the section that tells you what the insurer’s responsibilities are and what your responsibilities are as the insured.  Here the insurer sets out certain requirements or conditions for the insured such as the payment of premiums or an expectation that the insured property would be maintained in a certain condition etc. It would also include procedures to follow after a loss. If the policy conditions are not met the insurer can reject any claim you make under the policy. Don’t take that risk. Read your policy and know what’s required of you.

6. Reading your policy helps you stay on top of modifications.

The ‘Endorsement’ section in your policy offers you options to add coverage or increase coverage limits. Insurers can also issue special endorsements which expand or limit the coverage.  Whatever is done under the endorsements section of your policy becomes part of your policy and is in fact part of the contract between you and the insurer. It’s important that you keep track of any changes made under the endorsement so you are not caught by surprise.
Remember you can always talk to us about any questions you might have about your policy document.

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